Ministry of Health and Human Services

The Federal Ministry of Health and Human Services aims to promote the health of all Somalis, contributing to the government’s goal of Universal Health Coverage and a healthy population. The Ministry of Health and Human Services FGS, in close coordination with Member States’ Ministries of Health, including Somaliland’s, and development partners, has achieved substantial progress in improving health systems and sustaining the implementation of the integrated EPHS. Despite the fact that the 2009 EPHS has led to significant advances in the delivery of health care across various regions and states, its implementation has been fraught with difficulties.

The country also learned from the execution of HSSP I (2013–2016) and HSSP II (2017–2021), as well as the many system changes now underway, including as the revised National Development Plan and the UHC Roadmap. The EPHS 2020 is anticipated to alleviate the burden of illnesses that cause high morbidity, mortality, and disability among Somalis, notably women, children, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and the elderly.

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with its agencies and stakeholders, intends to promote human capital by developing and implementing proactive policies that will ensure increased health and vitality. The COVID-19 pandemic has also emphasized the necessity to enhance critical public health functions in order to lead the health sector’s growth.

Our mission

To achieve UHC by ensuring the provision of equitable, accessible, efficient, affordable and quality essential health and nutrition services as close to the communities and families as possible

Our vision

All people in Somalia attain the highest possible health status, which is a right of all citizens and an essential requirement for a productive nation contributing to peace, social and economic development.

Our Values

Our goal

To improve the health status of all people living in Somalia through effective and efficient policy formulation, resource mobilization, monitoring and regulation of delivery of health care by different health agencies.