Somalia COVID-19 Emergency Vaccination Project

The development objective of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Emergency Vaccination Project for Somalia is to support the Federal Republic of Somalia to acquire and deploy Project COVID-19 vaccines and to strengthen national immunization capacity.

The project comprises of two components.

The Somalia COVID-19 Emergency Vaccination Project is to support the Federal Ministry of Somalia to acquire COVID-19 vaccines, deploy and build, and strengthen the health system; it is one of the WB projects funded with US$148.2 million

The project consists of 4 components

  • Vaccine deployment and acquisition
  • Implementation Management
  • Continuity of Essential Health Services:
  • Strengthening solar-powered cold chain and oxygen delivery:

The first component, vaccine deployment and acquisition objective is to support the deployment of the Covid vaccine access (COVAX) acquired vaccines to cover about 20 percent of the target population and other Project COVID-19 vaccines which meet World Bank financing criteria to cover up to an additional 10 percent of the target population.

It consists of following sub-components: (i) transportation, supply chain, and logistics capacity strengthening; (ii) social mobilization efforts; (iii) acquisition of additional project COVID-19 vaccines; and (iv) health care waste management. The second component, implementation management will support the national COVID-19 vaccination program by strengthening planning and implementation capacity at different levels (example, national, and federal member state).

It consists of following sub-components: (i) program management support; (ii) supervision, coordination, human resources management, and training; and (iii) implementation support.

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