The Improving Healthcare Services (Damal Caafimaad) Project for Somalia

The development objective of the Improving Healthcare Services in Somalia (Damal Caafimaad) Project for Somalia is to improve the coverage of essential health and nutrition services in project areas and strengthen stewardship capacity of Ministries of Health. The project comprises of four components. The first component, expanding the coverage of high-impact health and nutrition services in select geographic areas will finance delivery of high-impact and integrated health and nutrition services to enhance service coverage and quality, focusing on primary healthcare services. The second component, strengthening government’s stewardship to enhance service delivery aims to support development of the government’s stewardship capacities at both the Federal and Federal Member States of Somalia (FMS) levels to enhance quality service delivery, a priority area in Somalia’s investment case. It consists of following sub-components: (i) health management information systems (HMIS) and data use for decision making; (ii) public financial management (PFM), contract management, and health financing; (iii) private sector development and regulatory reforms; and (iv) organizational development. The third component, project management, knowledge management, and learning will support day-to-day project management, including coordination, administration, communication, management, procurement, monitoring and dissemination of project activities at both Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and FMS levels. The fourth component, contingent emergency response component will allow for rapid reallocation of project proceeds in the event of a natural or man-made disaster or health outbreak or crisis that has caused or is likely to imminently cause a major adverse economic and or social impact.

Ministry of Health (MOH) – Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) together with the World Bank Group and other key partners have committed to support the development and implementation of a prioritized Essential Package of Health Services (EPHS) and health systems development – to move towards Universal Health Coverage, those are aligned with prioritized investment case plan that was developed based on prioritized health needs, the capacity and the available resources in the country.

The Improving Healthcare Services (Damal Caafimaad) Project for Somalia, is a flagship programme, financed by the World Bank and executed by the Federal Government of Somalia, which aims to improve the coverage of essential health and nutrition services (inline to EPHS Framework 2020) in selected geographical areas and strengthen the stewardship capacity of Ministries of Health at the Federal and the Member States level.

There are four components under the project:

The Ministry of Health has established a Project Coordination and Implementation Unit (PCIU) as the Health Projects’ implementing entity, including Damal Caafimaad. The PCIU aims to serve as a single coordination and management unit for development partners’ financed health projects and programmes on behalf of the Ministry of Health. The PCIU can be contacted through

Disclosure Documents

  1. Qorshaha Kaqeyb-galinta daneeyayaasha ee Mashruuca Damal Caafimaad “Stakeholder Engagement Plan”

SEP – Somali Version
SEP English Version

  1. Habraaca Maareynta Shaqaalaha ee Mashruuca Damal Caafimaad “Labour Management Procedure”

Labour Management Procedure – English Version
Labour Management Procuredure – Somali Version