Dr Ali Haji Adan, the Health Minister, visited the hospitals where people injured in the Mogadishu explosions were being treated

The minister spoke with the authorities and doctors of Digfeer and Madina hospitals about the condition of the injuries, while the private hospital authorities contacted them by phone to inquire about the condition of the patients who were delivered to their medical centres.

The minister examined the injured in Madina and Erdogan Ex Digfeer Hospitals one by one and ordered the authorities and doctors to provide them with full medical services to demonstrate to the enemy that these people are powerless no matter what steps they take.

Although there are serious cases that need to be sent abroad, the management and doctors of the hospitals that the minister visited expressed optimism about the health of some of the injured, saying that they would receive good rehabilitation and quality medical services.

Dr Ali Haji Adan, the Federal Government of Somalia’s Minister of Health and Human Services, prayed to God for the injured’s quick recovery and stated that the Ministry of Health will closely monitor the steps taken to rehabilitate them.

Finally, Somalia’s Minister of Health, Dr Ali Haji Aden, stated that the Ministry will work with people who require outside health care to ensure that they receive it.


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