The Ministry of Health welcomed Turkish doctors at Mogadishu airport as part of the treatment of those injured in the October 29th terrorist attacks at the KM5 Zoobe.

Dr. Ali Haji Adan, the Federal Government of Somalia’s Minister of Health and Human Services, welcomed doctors from Turkey at the Mogadishu airport who had previously requested that the ministry send them to participate in the treatment of those injured in the terrorist attacks on October 29th at the KM5 Zoobe intersection in Mogadishu.

The Minister was accompanied by Dr. Maryam Mohamed Hussein, Minister of State in the Federal Republic of Somalia’s Ministry of Health, as well as the Ambassador of Turkey, the Chairman of the Ministry’s Emergency Committee, the directors of the Ministry’s departments, members of the Government’s National Emergency Committee, and other officials.

The Federal Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Health has already requested that instead of treating the wounded after a long time, doctors who specialize in serious cases be brought to the country, which is another opportunity for our country’s doctors to gain the necessary experience in the east.

The Federal Government of Somalia’s Minister of Health stated that four cases submitted by the Erdogan Ex Digfeer Hospital were taken in an ambulance that they sent. For cases that must be taken outside the country, the brotherly governments are requesting specialist doctors.

Dr. Ali Haji Adan, Minister of Health and Human Services for the Federal Government of Somalia, thanked the Turkish Government for sending the first doctors to Somalia following the Ministry of Health’s request for medical experts who specialize in burn victims and difficult cases. There is nothing that can be done in the country.





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